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Chris Doyle, A Man With God’s Eyes

February 12, 2010


Chris Doyle is a world renown cinematographer best known for his work with the equally amazing Chinese director Wong Kar Wai. Together their aesthetic captures something completely temporal, be it the transitive nature of the modern city or the fleeting emotions of love and lust, and translates it into imagery that will make itself immortal in your mind’s eye.

But back to Chris Doyle, he is not only an amazing cinematographer but also a writer and photographer. To that end one of my favorite books is his film diary Buenos Aires done while making “Happy Together”. The book itself is about time and change, the temporality of experience, and the struggle to create. In fact this book was one of my inspirations for this blog. If you own a copy of this book consider yourself lucky as it can be difficult to track down. If you are a fan of Wong Kar Wai or Chris Doyle’s work, then do yourself a favor and find this book. If you care about photography, what the medium can accomplish, and how far the medium can be pushed as a visual art, then get this book.

Why am I writing about this then? What Chris Doyle routinely achieves through film and photography is what I hope to achieve in my art someday. That is I want to be so good or lucky as to capture a fleeting moment, a mood, an emotion and seal it forever in a visual medium. This in particular is my aim for photography. I want to push the limits of the camera, of the photo and capture in that strained space something permanent about human experience. Obviously the thought of achieving this goal is a long way’s off. But for the time being this could be considered a sort of artist statement. Like my version of George Orwell’s “Why I Write”. And Chris Doyle truly is a man with God’s eyes.

If any of this interests you I strongly recommend checking out Wong Kar Wai and Chris Doyle’s work.

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  1. February 19, 2010 2:49 am

    Great post! Doyle is a master of his craft… a poet, really. Plus, I have a semi-crush for WKW’s portraits of Maggie’s characters. She’s stunning.

    Tell me something, are you into film?

  2. February 19, 2010 7:34 am

    Hey thanks. Yeah I love films. If this was a film blog the output would be endless. I’ve even dabbled in making short films and worked for a motion picture film printing company for a while.

    Clearly from your other blog you enjoy films.

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