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You Can Spend The Night Forever

February 9, 2010


How do we measure time? I don’t mean by minutes, hours or days, I mean what kind of events or experiences mark a significant passing of time? People go through different phases, moods, periods. Often times it seems like two people sitting right next to each other are in completely different time zones. Time for me is usually marked between finishing artworks. That is the time and space between one significant or successful artwork to the next makes up a period worthy of reflection in my own mind. Unfortunately that means this current span of time looks to drag on for quite a while. Or perhaps life has been so cluttered lately that my internal clock has ceased to function properly. I feel I have been relegated back to measuring minutes and hours as a meter for time with days having almost no meaning at all.

Days fade into one another, sun rises signify nothing but another phase in other peoples’ lives. More accurately, I think minutes, hours, and days themselves have no meaning at all. What matter are the things you get done between them.

Currently Listening To: Charles Mingus – Moanin’

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  1. February 10, 2010 4:50 am

    I agree; time is a relative thing. Well, just saved that first photo to my docs, btw. One of my favourite posts so far on your space. Plus, the text + photos + music = I’m definitely in tune with the style, man. That makes for a complete statement with an overall mood as nostalgic and cool as it can get (well, the way i feel it, of course).

  2. February 11, 2010 1:35 am

    Sir, that photo is currently my desktop wallpaper and I don’t comment just for the sake of it – so yeah, it means it’s getting real good, hehe!

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