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As Days Go By

February 3, 2010

I decided to keep my camera with me for a few days and take shots of scenes from my life. Its fun trying to find interesting ways to capture the rather routine nature of student life. The hope of these photos is that they should communicate life in a kind of dull, yet aesthetically pleasing fashion. Of course sneaking a few shots between classes means these are more or less done on the fly. I am continuing this experiment and have taken well over a couple hundred photos. It will take me some time to look through them and pick the best ones to share. With this in mind photography will probably dominate my posts for the next few days. The song I’m sharing this time is “Waitin’ Around To Die” by Townes Van Zandt. Listening to that song I can’t think of anyone who hasn’t felt like that at one time or another. Its a great folk song, one of Townes’ firsts. The song evokes a deep well emotions, none of them too pleasant. Still it is definitely worth a spin. Peace.

Currently Listening To: Townes Van Zandt – Waitin’ Around To Die

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