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Update 2: The Background Continues…

January 17, 2010

I’m thinking that working on this background is gonna take longer than I initially intended. My plan now is to go in and reinforce the lights and darks, kind of a highlight and shadow play to given greater dimension to the background. My hope is that doing so will make the background almost a successful abstract painting on its own. Then it will serve as a stronger foundation for the figure, which will be the fist. Also as I do not yet have a clear image of the final product in my mind, continuing to work on the background will give me a better sense of the right palette to use for the fist itself.  These photos are of the second layer of red and yellow mix I just applied. Now the waiting game begins again.

The yellow isn’t particularly noticeable, mainly I’m using it to affect different shades and variations of red. Yellow will begin to play a lager role as I add more layers to the background.

I’ve started adding some white and more yellow to the red to create highlights. If you can’t already tell I love taking photos of paint, something about the wet shine, the spread, the color, sometimes I wish paint were edible. That’s how I know I was meant for art.

This photo shows some of the formations beginning to take shape. Of course everything is still pretty rough at this point. These photos aren’t great but there’s really nothing I can do about that. Work in progress ain’t art its just the grind work towards art.

Currently Listening To: Peer Raben – Sysiphos At Work

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