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Update! TBATB, Work In Progress

January 16, 2010

Today I am starting work on painting “The Bold and The Brave”. But first I would like to make a note: the title of this painting comes from an old film made in 1956 about Americans living in France, but apparently there is also a Batman cartoon by the same name. This coincidence was brought to my attention the other day though I must clarify that this painting is not inspired by and will not resemble said cartoon.

To start, the process is a little different this time. In the past when I have finished acrylic paintings but have not been satisfied with the outcome it has been my custom to leave those unsatisfactory paintings stacked in the corner.

Then when I start on a new painting I ask myself if this painting would benefit from a fresh canvas or if I can re-use an old canvas by painting over it. In thinking about my approach to this new painting I decided that reusing an old canvas might add a layer of interest to the background. It is my current intention to have the background be a furious, abstract mix of colors and using an old canvas of blue swirls might help me achieve that aim.

So I have started by adding a thin layer of watered down acrylic red and yellow, unmixed, in different ratios to the canvas. Then I mix on the canvas itself, adding water, and altering the opacity of the paint as I go. In some areas the paint is nothing more than a thin coat of colored water in others the brush stroke of the paint is still visible. Again this is all intended to create visual interest in the background. This is an unfortunately slow process as I must wait for the paint to dry between layers. For now I share these photos so that you can get a better idea of what I’m talking about.

I have not given much further consideration as to what this painting is intended to be about. Aside from the ideas outlined in my initial post regarding this work (see post titled: The Bold and The Brave) I think this painting will mainly be a rough, fun exercise that will hopefully loosen me up and prepare me for my next, more important work in stand by. There is always a cue of works in my head, some ideas date back to months ago, others sprout up each day, and some are promises that have yet to be fulfilled. I am confident that all shall be done, in time.

Currently Listening To: Howard Shore – The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, the complete recordings

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