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The Bold and the Brave

January 13, 2010

My next painting is fairly straight forward in terms of subject matter, its just a lone fist. This image is a quick sketch laying it out. I hope to make it one of my more interesting works by taking a more trained approach in painting that fist. That is to say I am going to layer paints and mix on the canvas. I am going to try to use the skills I’ve learned in school to render in a style that I typically avoid. The result should be an impressionistic painting that clearly is conscious of the paint itself as a medium. I am planning on using colors to draw out the multiplicity of meaning imbued in the simple image of a fist. I suppose that is the artistic way of saying I’m going to be playing with minute variations of color within a very specific palette. That palette will probably be on the red/orange side of things. Perhaps with some complimentary blue/purple accents. Not sure yet, I don’t wanna go all classical on this painting like a proper university trained “artist”. Mostly I want it to embody the title “The Bold and the Brave” as that is the working title for this painting. There is a 1956 movie that goes by the same title. I hope this painting will capture some of the social/political irony and conceited, self awareness that goes with that kind of declaration “The Bold and the Brave”. I find that any title or phrase that is so clearly positive and courageous undoubtedly has some darker undercurrents. If I can communicate all this in the way a fist is painted I’ll be over the moon!

Currently Listening To: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – The Mercy Seat

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