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show and tell pt. 2

December 31, 2009

Here is some more of my past finished work. I will do this only once more then stop showing old works as I don’t think its very “stream of consciousness” of me to be showing older material. Still I think you all would benefit from knowing what my style is. So take a gander. Disclaimer: some of these works are based on pre-existing images, no copyright violation is intended I don’t profit from this work. The next post will be of more amateur hour photography.

So this is a painting of Bob Marley that I did for a friend’s birthday. It was fun to mix and match colors, and to play with the image instead of trying to faithfully recreate it. I still have the photos of the step by step process on my hard drive somewhere.

This is an abstraction of a photo of a woman walking on a city street. I pushed the abstract take pretty far on this piece. Mostly I enjoyed watching the ink run and letting the medium dictate the aesthetic.

This ink work was a bit of an experimental take on my hair line. Its an experiment in the sense that I first blocked out shapes that were non-realistic but still indicative of the form of my hair. From there I applied a more realistic rendering of my hair using line and ink wash. The final result is an image where some forms/shapes are still visible beneath the lines and shading.

This work is my take on a photo of the Chinese director Wong Kar Wai. It started out as a simple pencil line sketch which I later inked. Then I scanned the image onto a pc and colored it in adobe illustrator. I am still new to adobe so I am sure it is inadequate in many ways. Overall though I am happy with how it looks though if I could go back I would get rid of the blue flame thing in the back. But part of my philosophy is leaving works alone once they are done.

This is a quick pencil sketch of then Senator Obama. I did long before he became President. I sketched this on paper then scanned it into adobe. I passed it through some kind of filter though I forget which one. For a fast a dirty sketch I am quite pleased with how it turned out. That’s all for this installment folks!

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  1. piedrasplatas permalink
    January 1, 2010 2:07 am

    I hereby award you January 2010’s New Kid on the Block

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