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update! WIP painting

December 26, 2009

After another hour of meddling with this cityscape painting I think I have made significant progress. Mainly I just went over the draft colors/lines working towards a more finished product. I am also playing with the idea of having various areas of the painting being in different stages of unfinish. That is some areas will be done, some will be just sketch lines, and others somewhere in between. I think this helps to create visual depth and emphasis although I doubt it shows up much in a jpeg. Here are some shots of my progress:

First I add the middle tone, in this case grey. Second I add the dark tone and third the highlight. I do a little finishing/blending then repeat the process until I am happy with the way it looks. I’m going for a dirty, rough look so there is very little blending. I’m also trying to keep the brush stroke direction really obvious to increase the rough look.

This is a shot of the lower right hand corner. You can see some of the blending, rough layer, and brush stroke at work.

This is the center of the painting. I am quite pleased with how this is turning out as it will be the stage on which I paint the figure chasing his own heart.

And this is more or less what the painting looks like now. Sorry for the bad image quality on this one. I think though, that it is clear that some parts are more finished than others. I hope there is a nice flow between darker and lighter areas. The dirty look should be pretty clear or else I’m not doing my job right. All that remains now is more tightening up before adding the figure. I am beginning to wonder if the piece is evocative of any feeling or if the look of it conveys anything beyond a visual. I hope there is some cold, dreariness coming through. This piece will hopefully be wrapping up soon. Please stay tuned!

Oh, and on a marginally related note, from now on I will be adding a “currently listening to” music note at the end of my posts. Its a way of letting you know what music I listen to while working. I will probably post a little thesis at some point about the role of music in motivating, inspiring, or otherwise influencing/coloring the process of art-making. I strongly believe that what you listen to and other environmental factors affect the art process. So that’s it just below.

Currently Listening To: Pulp – Mis-Shapes

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